Publishing Pause

Hi there,

I’m taking a moment to inform you that things are mostly going according to plan. I’m teaching 1-2 times a week, I’m practicing conversations with people and I’m creating weekly videos as well.

There is a group of about 13 people that are practicing with me. These are people that have done the 10-week course Eerste Hulp bij Gesprekken. I’m currently focusing most of my attention on supporting this group. To create a solid foundation for a flourishing movement of Eerste Hulp bij Gesprekken and The Tiny Peace office.

Because I have physical limitations, this focus means that, right now, I say no to writing and publishing publicly.

I plan to publish publicly again somewhere before the end of the year.

There is a way to get access to what I’m publishing and that is to signup for a 10-week course at

Because I care about the impact my decision has on you: will you let me know if you have any concerns, requests or frustrations about what I’m writing here?

With kind regards, from Amsterdam,