Cartoon: Psychotherapist

About six years ago I lived in Colorado in a house with two people who were licensed psychotherapists. One night I was reading a book I had found on a bookshelf, called “Save the cat

The book is about a process for writing movie scripts. In one chapter de author describes the importance of having a logline: one sentence that describes the movie.

As I was reading the chapter one of my housemates walked into the room and I got the inspiration for this cartoon. I said: ” Psychotherapist: we help people who are afraid of their friends and family.”

We both laughed out loud. It was one of those laughs that starts out loud because the sentence uncovers a certain truth. After a couple of seconds, our laughter turned into a sigh, when we both felt the pain of this truth. Ouch.

Reminds me of someone who once said something along these lines: “When we think, we see the comedy. When we feel, we see the tragedy.

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